5 First Dance Songs for Wedding Couples

June 20, 2019

Since I’m a huge romantic sap, I felt it only appropriate to share my top 5 first dance songs with you so you can dance the night away with your new hubby…or wifey! But first, you should know I cry in movies, like all the time. And I always shed some tears behind my lens […]

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five songs to get your wedding guests dancing
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Since I’m a huge romantic sap, I felt it only appropriate to share my top 5 first dance songs with you so you can dance the night away with your new hubby…or wifey! But first, you should know I cry in movies, like all the time. And I always shed some tears behind my lens at every wedding I photograph. I try to be discreet about it but one of these days it’s just going to bust out int a full on waterfall. So, it should come as no surprise that I feel the same way about music. Listening to love songs gives me all the feels and warm fuzzies.

If you don’t already have a song as a couple, I’ve got you covered. Music is my jam, no pun intended. Colt and I love going to concerts and shows and supporting growing artists. We’ve seen most of these artists live and one thing I love is that most of these songs aren’t super high up on those charts (yet) so, they make awesome first dance songs for weddings because yours will be different than those mainstream songs you often hear at most weddings. Hey, I am all about being original and supporting the little guy.

You ready!?

Song 1: House is a Building — Anderson East

Oh, how this one tugs on ALL my heartstrings! That intro grabs me immediately and is just so beautiful. The horns just make my soul sing. Close your eyes for me and just listen to it and envision dancing to it. Beautiful, amiright?!

First Dance Wedding Songs by Danielle Lynee Photography in Austin Texas
Song 2: I Am Not Afraid — Charley Crockett

Okay, this guy right here, he is amazing and his story is so inspirational. Charley started out playing music on the streets of New Orleans and now he’s touring and selling out shows. He is such a versatile musician and a super creative songwriter. This song is about a man who isn’t afraid to love his woman, won’t hurt her and won’t let her down. Ahh, who doesn’t love an artist being all romantic and singing to their partner?

Song 3: Coming Home — Leon Bridges

Okay, Leon Bridges has blown up but I have yet to hear much of his music played at weddings I’ve photographed and attended. Leon Bridges’ voice is so smooth and the lyrics in this song are full of romance. If you want to sweep your partner off their feet, play this and cue the candles and dancing in the living room.

First Dance Wedding Songs by Danielle Lynee Photography at Shupe Homestead in Longmont Colorado
Song Number 4: Precious by JD McPherson

JD is no doubt one of my favorites. His music is rockabilly perfection and is impossible not to dance to. When I listen to this song I can totally see flashes of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing. And I mean, that’s goals for all of us, right!? Now, I know you can work that ending lift into your first dance…

Song Number 5: Everything To Me by Rayland Baxter

The title of the song says it all. It’s sweet, romantic, and who doesn’t want to be everything to their partner? Listen to these lyrics, sweet friend. I’m not crying … you’re crying! And everyone at your wedding will be, too.

There you have it! I am so excited to hear what you think about these songs and even MORE excited to hear which your favorite is! Here’s to hoping you’re inspired to discover and support new artists and wander down the path of not-so-mainstream music. Spice up that playlist, friend, and let’s get dancing! And feel free to let me know what you think of these songs or if there’s anything you think I should add!

If you want to head to the playlist I’ve created with these songs, you can do so here.

If you liked this post and you want to check out my song recommendations for getting your guests dancing, you can check that one out here!


First Dance Wedding Songs by Danielle Lynee Photography at Ashton Gardens in Houston Texas

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