Meet Danielle

Hey there, I'm Danielle! A true-blue Coloradan - or as some might say, a unicorn - hailing from a little mountain town called Pine Junction. I love sharing adventures with my husband Colt and our two doggos, Ruckus and Ransom. We wholeheartedly embrace the outdoors and frequently take the boys on hikes and paddle boarding on the river. Ruck and Ran are my location scout buddies, helping me find the perfect spot for your engagement session and your magical elopement. I'm also a HUGE music lover and so much of my brand is inspired by music and colorful light shows. Dancing is a huge passion of mine and I seize every opportunity to non-stop groove on the dance floor. I fondly call the dance floor my second home.

Welcome to Indy Pop Land, where colors reign supreme and good times never cease!

My superpower is making you feel so dang comfortable in front of the camera that you and your partner not only ENJOY the photo-taking process but you get a gallery full of images that scream YOU and hit you in all the FEELS!

Morning coffee, cuddles with Colt and our dogs, an at-home workout, swimming in the river (during the summer, of course) and dancing in the kitchen while I cook.

daily rituals

Adventuring with my doggos and my hubby, coffee dates with my besties, dancing like I get paid to do it and jamming out to live music


neutral colors and boring parties ... ever!

i'm not about

Wearing whatever you want (this includes on your wedding day), long hugs, dancing anytime, anywhere, making my couples feel as FABULOUS as they are


daily rituals

daily rituals

Smokey Sunset (mezcal, orange liqueur, lime juice, blood orange syrup, sweet & sour, tajìn rim, orange)

Signature Cocktail

Hey there, I'm Kara! I'm originally from St. Louis, MO and moved out to Colorado in 2021 to live among the mountains! Ever since setting foot in this state circa 1998 on a family vacay, it's been my dream to live here. I'm so grateful to live my dream as a photographer in the most epic state! My favorite parts of photographing wedding days include capturing the in-between moments (both goofy and sentimental), making you and your bae feel GOOD AF on your special day, and getting those fun dance floor shots! I'm laid back and go with the flow, so I help alleviate some of the stress of your day, but don't worry, my background as a Registered Nurse ensures I keep things flowing and on time. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me exploring local coffee shops and breweries with my hubs, hanging with my tripod dog Eddie, or going for a hike in the mountains of Colorado. I love travelling, and lately my favorite destinations have been National Parks and anywhere with mountains (duh).     

I take my mocha creamer with Iced coffee (yes you read that correctly)!
My favorite beer is a Coffee or PB Stout in the winter or a fruited sour paired with a cute patio in the summer
If I were a song, I would be "Special" by Lizzo because I'm the girl who is always lifting up others

my images are warm, colorful, crisp, Joyful and romantic. I am an inclusive, equality minded photographer, I serve all couples and I believe all love stories are beautiful and worth documenting.

The Team

Associate Photographer

Hi! I’m Annah. I moved to Colorado from the Chicago area in 2019 planning to spend two years in Boulder… Four years later, I’ve lived in 4 different cities here and haven’t looked back! My passion for photography comes from my love of connection. Meeting new people and being able to document their personalities, their love and preserve a piece of who they are in that moment is most special to me. I’m a chatterbox, an optimist, an empath and will likely be crying during your ceremony. 
When I’m not photographing weddings, I’ll be out thrifting in Denver, snowboarding at Winter Park, going to shows at Red Rocks, listening to self development podcasts or getting decaf coffee with friends.

If I were a song, I would be Queendom by AURORA because I love supporting women.
My signature cocktail: something super sweet of course- pineapple upside down cake (pineapple juice, coconut rum, vanilla vodka, amaretto and grenadine)

Associate Photographer

Associate Photographer

Our Favorite Things


We are HUGE suckers for elaborate floral installations. If you asked us what our favorite wedding detail is, florals win every time. We love the different textures they add and the vibrant colors our couples choose to incorporate into their wedding day! We also LOVE when our couples request that their florist add an extra box of loose blooms for us so we can showcase them in all your details and flat lays!

Long Veils

We love the drama long veils have. There is just so much you can do with them and a wider variety of shots you can get, especially fun creative ones. We also SUPER love couples that make each other laugh. We vibe off that energy so hard!!

Grooms in COLOR

We see navy, gray and black ALL the time. We love that our grooms embrace color and patterns that really POP! So many times we feel that weddings are geared more toward brides, but we LOVE our grooms and we love to see them rockin' different colors, expressing themselves and straying away from neutrals.


We're all coffee drinkers over here in Indy Pop Land. Danielle's favorite is a creamy vanilla latte from Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters (she basic) or a french press at home with Katz coffee beans and protein powder. Jonathan is partial to Americanos (how though???) and Kara loves a good dash of iced coffee with her mocha creamer. Yes, yes you read that right. We're all about caffeinated productivity over here!


We're all a little (or a lot) doggo obsessed. We all have our own doggos we love on daily and we get so excited when our couples include their furry babies in their wedding festivities! Capturing those bonds and relationships is something that hits close to our hearts. We know how much we value moments with our fur children and we want you to have that same experience during your engagement session and wedding! Don't worry, we also love dog hair.


Head to the link below to give me all the details about you and your other half and then let's get this party STARTED!

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