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Since I’m a huge romantic sap, I felt it only appropriate to share my top 5 first dance songs with you so you can dance the night away with your new hubby…or wifey! But first, you should know I cry in movies, like all the time. And I always shed some tears behind my lens […]

When Taylor and I chose her and Ryan’s location for their engagement session and told her the light would be best at sunrise and it would be less crowded, home girl did not even hesitate! She was all in. Which, I have to say, I love so much about her and Ryan. They were both […]

Are you a bride or groom who loves dancing and can’t wait to get on that dance floor at your reception? Are you still looking for songs to add to your wedding playlist? If so, this post is for you! If you’re not getting married but you still love good music, this post is still […]

I share a lot on social media. A lot more about myself than I used to! It took me a while to really open up and feel comfortable putting more of myself out there in the world. But the true connections I’ve made by doing so have made it absolutely worth it! No more hiding […]