Meet Jonathan

And in doing so, to tell the story of their love for one another above all. Weddings provide wonderful opportunities for highly emotional storytelling, interesting action, and beautiful décor. It is an honor to be a part of any wedding, but it is an undefinable joy to capture someone’s special day on film and to be allowed the privilege of telling their story.

Hi, I'm Jonathan, Danielle's cousin! I live and breathe filmography. Since a very young age, my life has been defined by an unrelenting love of films and the work which goes into making them. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the field of Film and Television from the University of Colorado Denver in 2021. Through which I have worked on short narratives, web series, advertisements, and documentaries, with a focus on directing, cinematography, editing, and storytelling. I love working on weddings for much the same reasons as working on narratives and documentaries, in fact I treat all of which the same way. Within my work as a videographer, it is never my intention to simply document or present the facts. Rather it is always my intention to tell a story and to capture and accurately represent the emotional impact of our couples' days.